How to Become a Successful Truck Dispatcher in Canada and the US?

Author: Truckadium
Date: Dec 27, 2022

The role of a truck dispatcher is crucial in the trucking industry. Truck drivers keep the freight moving while dispatchers keep their trucks loaded. They help businesses grow by making their loads reach the destination efficiently and on-time. As per research, approximately two-thirds of trade across the US and Canada is facilitated by trucks, and every 2.5 seconds a truck crosses the Canada-US border. You can leverage your interpersonal, analytical, and management skills to become a successful truck dispatcher in Canada and the US.

The truck dispatcher profile gives you an option to join a job in a trucking company or if you have the entrepreneurial mindset, you can start your own truck dispatcher business with minimal requirements. In either of the cases, you will need a thorough understanding of the trucking industry and the truck dispatcher role. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you understand the requirements and legalities of becoming a successful truck dispatcher in Canada and the US.

What does a Truck Dispatcher do?

As a truck dispatcher, you may choose to work for a trucking company as an employee or start your own trucking company. The major requirement of the role is getting loads delivered efficiently and on time to keep customers satisfied and drivers safe. Your everyday tasks will include the following:

  • Find profitable loads for trucks.

  • Negotiate load rates with freight brokers or shippers.

  • Maintain records and review carrier contracts, rates, and load confirmations.

  • Schedule drivers for load pickups.

  • Facilitate border crossings.

  • Track loaded trucks from pick up till delivery.

  • Update clients about the status of their loads.

  • Monitor and reroute drivers in case of emergencies or unforeseen risks.

  • Act as the central point of contact for drivers, internal and external customers.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of a load

So, your role will be to offer end-to-end management of a load while ensuring overall company profitability and customer satisfaction.

Qualifications and eligibility of a Truck Dispatcher

A high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum qualification for becoming a truck dispatcher, but you must gain industry knowledge to perform effectively. Like every other industry–the trucking industry–has a set of terms, regulations, and operational procedures. You must be aware of them before applying for the truck dispatcher position or setting up your own business. You only need a computer system, a smartphone, and a stable internet connection to start working as a truck dispatcher. For your own business set up, you can even choose to operate out of the comfort of your home. But industry experience is necessary if you wish to apply for the truck dispatcher position with a reputed trucking company or want to grow your trucking business quickly. You do not need any type of license to become a truck dispatcher. You can enroll for a truck dispatch training course to get the extra edge over your competitors and in-depth understanding of the industry. Truckadium offers hands-on truck dispatch training comprising of modules curated by industry-experts to set you on the path to success.

Skills required to become a successful Truck Dispatcher

A truck dispatcher works as the backbone of the trucking company and the role requires a specific skill set to ensure optimal performance. Besides industry knowledge and experience, you need the following skills to become a successful truck dispatcher:

1. Computer Skills: You should be proficient in using computers, smartphones, and other technology-driven devices. You will have to operate advanced software for GPS monitoring systems to track truck drivers and shipments. You should also be familiar with load boards like Loadlink and other truck dispatch and border crossing softwares including knowledge of ACE and ACI. This helps you maintain updated records along with effectively finding and monitoring loads.

2. Analytical thinking: You should be able to perform tasks proactively to assess risks and avoid unpleasant situations. In case of emergency, you must take appropriate decisions and implement backup plans within short timeframes to save time and costs.

3. Language skills: You should be fluent in English and must be able to communicate effectively with customers and truck drivers from varied backgrounds. Knowledge of a second language is beneficial. Being multilingual is an asset.

4. Interpersonal skills: Strong communication skills will help you easily find loads and build long-term relationships. Interpersonal qualities like empathy help you manage drivers, customers, and vendors efficiently. You must be ready to multitask as you have to coordinate with several drivers over various routes and also customers from distinct places.

5. Negotiation skills: A successful truck dispatcher is a skillful negotiator. Dispatcher should be able to negotiate freight rates and contracts with freight brokers or shippers to increase the profitability of the company.

How much can a Truck Dispatcher earn?

Though salary of truck dispatcher will vary based on skills and experience and can be anywhere from $15 to $ 40 an hour, on an average a truck dispatcher can make $ 24 an hour. Besides earning a fixed base salary, truck dispatchers can also earn commission and there are lot of opportunities for career growth. Most of the independent truck dispatchers especially in US will either charge a fixed amount every month for each truck they dispatch or a percentage of the revenue they get for each booked load. On an average, independent dispatchers can make anywhere from $ 1000 to $ 2000 every month for each truck they dispatch. It will also dependent on the type of service provided like load booking or back end services like managing the paperwork including invoicing.

How a professional Truck Dispatch Training can help you?

Truck Dispatcher is an industry-specific role which requires you to be adept at using trucking softwares, and understanding key-terms used in the industry. You will be an important point of contact between drivers and clients, so you must learn to handle them carefully to build lasting relations. You must also continuously adjust routes and loads to ensure optimal utilization of resources and timely arrival of shipments. You should be able to increase the profitability of the business.

Enrolling in an industry-oriented truck dispatch training course can help you learn all these and much more. You will come to know about the everyday challenges of the role and how to tackle them effortlessly.

Truckadium offers a well-designed hands-on truck dispatcher training course in Canada and US to help you start your career as a truck dispatcher. Our in-class and online courses are designed to make you industry-ready and are accompanied by post-training consultation to help you achieve your business goals.


The trucking industry is fast moving and the demand for dynamic, multi-tasking professionals is high. Well-trained truck dispatchers can land high-paying jobs or earn well by starting their own business. The job is highly rewarding to individuals with a problem-solving attitude and quick decision-making ability. The prospects for truck dispatchers are promising. You must invest in an industry-oriented course to develop a thorough understanding of the role before starting your career as a truck dispatcher.

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