Advanced Freight Broker Training to Help you Achieve Your Career or Business Goals

Hands on Training

Build the skills required to handle the operations and workflow of the freight brokerage business. Learn the legalities and intricacies to get prepared for the challenges of the trucking industry.

Gain Industry Insights

Our trainers are industry experts and they share valuable insights related to trends of the trucking industry. They guide you to become a freight broker in Canada and US.

Support in Getting Started

We provide all necessary assistance for becoming a licensed freight broker in Canada and US. We help you to start your own successful freight brokerage business.

Who Should Take This Course?

Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Freight Brokerage, Freight Forwarding or 3PL Company

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Trucking industry has massive career growth opportunities and immense earning potential and lot of flexibility and work from home options. The trucking industry is a $ 800 billion behemoth and is an excellent career option for you.

Entrepreneurs Wanting to Start a Freight Brokerage Business

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Well-trained Freight Brokers can easily start their own freight brokerage business or work as an independent Freight Broker agent. We help you identify work opportunities and pave the path to success

Course Schedule

Live Online (Virtual)

Join live from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or any part of Canada, USA or any part of the world!
Date: June 15 & 16 - 2 Full Day Sessions ( Sat & Sun )Time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm EST

Course Overview

Our Advanced Freight Broker Training Course is an extension of our Truck Dispatch and Freight Broker Combo Course. After you complete our Truck Dispatch and Freight Broker Training and learn all you need to know about the trucking industry, our Advanced Freight Broker Course guides you a step further. This course gives you a comprehensive insight into different aspects of freight or load brokerage business. This course is also relevant to you if you are already have knowledge of Truck Dispatching and plan to reach out to Shippers directly as a Carrier or if you want to broker those loads as Load Broker.
The course is right for you if you are seeking a job in a reputed freight brokerage company, or wish to start your own freight brokerage business

Module 1

Freight/Load Brokerage Industry Overview

  • Overview of trucking/freight brokerage industry
  • Role of a freight broker in the trucking industry
  • Understanding trucking terms
  • Type of shipments/FTL/LTL/Parcel/NMFTA Freight Classes/Expedited shipments/overdimensional/refrigerated etc
  • Equipment Types
  • INCO Terms
  • Difference between Freight Brokers/Freight Forwarders/3PL

Module 2

Business Planning and Licencing Requirements

  • Licensing requirements for Freight Brokers
  • Canada and US regulations/MC/DOT/Surety Bond/Insurance requirements
  • Investment/resources required
  • Business planning, start up and operational costs
  • Working as a freight broker in company vs opening a freight brokerage business vs working as a freight broker agent
  • Earning potential

Module 3

Freight/Load Brokerage Operations and Logistics Sales

  • How to find Shippers?
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Rate quotes ( RFI/RFP/RFQs )
  • Understanding spot rate vs contractual rates, understanding and calculating fuel surcharge
  • Shipper Broker agreements and contracts, shipper credit application
  • Payment Terms/Factoring
  • Cold calling and cold emailing techniques
  • Logistics Sales including platforms like Linkedin

Module 4

Lifecycle of Freight/Load Brokerage Operations

  • Lifecycle of a load from start till finish
  • Load Boards including Loadlink/DAT
  • Other tools required like TMS and Carrier onboarding
  • Finding Carriers
  • Broker-Carrier agreement and contracts
  • Finding reliable Carriers - Carrier Set up/Safety Ratings and Insurance
  • Managing claims and other typical scenarios like freight hostage, no show ups, cancellations etc.
  • Digitization of Freight Brokerage - How to use technology to grow your freight brokerage business?
  • Way Forward

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How to get a freight broker license in Canada?

The freight Brokerage business is not regulated in most of the provinces in Canada. However, if you want to move US-Canada cross border freight you need to apply for broker authority with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and also get a minimum surety bond of USD 75,000. Truckadium conducts Freight Broker Training to give you in-depth industry understanding and necessary assistance to start your career as a freight broker.

What are start-up costs for a Freight Broker?

The charges involved in setting up a Freight Broker business in USD are:

  • 1. Freight brokerage license: $300
  • 2. Freight Broker Bond: $75,000
  • 3. Insurance Coverage: $1,500 to $3,000
  • 4. Other costs include office rentals, laptops, and smartphones, etc.

How much can a Freight Broker make

A freight broker makes an average of $76,000 per year. The amount however would vary with factors such as level of experience, gross revenues, and business structure.
At Truckadium we offer business consulting services to assist you in maximizing profitability for your business.

How to find Shippers as a Freight Broker?

The freight broking industry in Canada and the U.S. is huge and there are several business opportunities. There are a few tried and tested methods to find shippers for your business such as:

  • 1. Looking around for brands that manufacture physical products.
  • 2. Looking for competitors of current customers.
  • 3. References from current customers.
  • 4. Search business listings.
In addition to these, you can opt for business consulting services offered by 3T and learn how to generate more leads for your business.

How to find Carriers as a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is required to find the most reliable and trusted freight carrier for a shipment. You can look for verified carriers on load boards and also build lasting relations with those who meet your criteria. The Freight Broker training offered by Truckadium helps you learn the specifics of the industry.

What are the career options after completing the Freight Broker course?

Upon successful completion of the Freight Broker Course, you can look for a job with a renowned trucking or a 3PL company or start your own freight brokerage business.

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