Truck Dispatch Training Sessions to Build Your Dream Career

Hands On Training

Learn the practical aspects of this profession and get ready to excel. Practice on actual truck dispatcher tools including load boards, truck dispatch software, and customs and border crossing softwares to become job ready.

Real World Scenarios

Train with us to become an industry ready Truck Dispatch Specialist. Our trainers are industry- experts and they train you with real world case studies so you hit the ground running.

Post Training Support

One on one counseling and support is provided to help our students achieve their post training goals. Whether you want to find a job or start your own trucking company, we are here for you after course completion.

Who Should Take This Course?

Job Seekers Looking for a Job in the Trucking Industry

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Truck Dispatcher is at the heart of trucking operations in a company. This job has massive career growth opportunities and immense earning potential. The trucking industry is a $ 800 billion behemoth and is an excellent career option for you.

Owner Operators Planning to Start a Trucking Company

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Dreaming of starting your own trucking company and growing it into a big fleet? We’ve got you covered. We will show you how to start your own successful trucking company and book your own loads.

Entrepreneurs Wanting to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

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Truck dispatching is a lucrative market for independent specialists. Many people in Canada and the US are earning 5 figure salaries by working as independent truck dispatchers.

Course Outline

In Class Weekend ( 2 Full Days )

Weekend, 2 full days from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm plus 2 hours optional one on one post training consultation for each student.

Live Online ( 4 Days )

Live Online Training for 4 full days (5 hours each day). Practical training: Same as in-class sessions.

Course Overview

Our 2 days in class or 4 days online truck dispatcher training course will give you hands-on understanding of the role. This course is designed for you, if you are planning to get a job, want to become an independent dispatcher, or start your own trucking company. The course comprises of interactive, engaging sessions, group discussions, one on one feedback and practical sessions on different tools a truck dispatch specialist uses. You earn a certificate after successful completion of this course including optional post-training one on one sessions.

Our expert trainers give you an in-depth understanding of the trucking industry and its potential in North America. The course covers all concepts and essential terms used in the industry. All necessary guidance related to customs and safety regulations is provided. We also assist you to obtain commercial truck authority and permits for trucking company in Canada. You will be guided on how to become a truck dispatcher in Canada and build a rewarding career for yourself.

Why Take our Truck Dispatch Training Course?

  • Years of training and development experience
  • Extensive truck dispatch & freight brokerage experience
  • Hands on training by industry experts
  • Real life case studies
  • 100% Satisfaction Gaurantee
  • 2 hours optional one on one post training consultation with each student after the course
  • Job search help including resume building

Course Schedule

Looking for training schedule that works for you?

Learn at your own pace with our on demand training

You can learn Truck Dispatching from the comfort of your home or in class as per the schedule that works for you. We provide on demand learning to students who want to learn at their own own pace and as per their own schedule. Training is perfectly tailored to your needs and has same practical and hands on sessions with real world case studies



How to get a truck dispatcher certification?

Truck dispatching is an exciting career opportunity in Canada and the U.S. You can get a truck dispatcher certification from a training and consulting company such as Truckadium. We provide Truck Dispatch Training through in-class and online modules and help you become a certified truck dispatcher.

How much does a truck dispatcher make?

A Truck Dispatcher in Canada can make an average of $24 per hour. While the range may vary from $15 to $40 per hour depending upon individual experience. Besides a fixed base salary, there are also a lot of options to earn commissions and growth opportunities.

What does a truck dispatcher do?

A truck dispatcher works for a trucking company as an employee or may work as a business owner of his own trucking company. His primary duties are:

  • Find loads for trucks
  • Negotiate load rates with freight brokers or shippers
  • Review carrier contracts, rates, and load confirmations
  • Track loaded trucks from pick up till delivery
  • The central point of contact for drivers, internal and external customers
  • Managing the entire life cycle of a load and ensuring overall company profitability and customer satisfaction.

How to start your own truck dispatch business?

Trucking is $800 billion industry in the U.S. and $70 billion industry in Canada. There is a huge opportunity for you to start your truck dispatch business. The major steps involved are:

  • 1. Understanding the industry.
  • 2. Getting training and certification as a truck dispatcher.
  • 3. Setting up your business.
  • 4. Promoting your business to find customers.
Truckadium provides truck dispatch training and business consulting services to answer all your queries related to starting your own business.

What are truck dispatcher license requirements?

You do not need a license to become a truck dispatcher, though you should undergo professional training and possess the right skills to become a successful truck dispatcher. The minimum educational qualification required for applying to it is a high school diploma or equivalent. A certification in logistics or transportation will increase your chances of getting hired. An in-depth understanding of the trucking industry and knowledge of the state and federal transportation laws will be added advantages.
At Truckadium, we give you the opportunity to train under industry experts. You can gain insights into the trucking industry and get hands-on training during our truck dispatch training.

What are the skills required to become a successful Truck Dispatcher?

The skills required to become a successful Truck Dispatcher are:

  • 1. Tech-savvy: You should be proficient with using computers and other technology-driven devices. You would be required to operate company-specific software such as billing and GPS monitoring systems and should also be familiar with load boards like Loadlink and other truck dispatch and border crossing softwares.
  • 2. Analytical thinking: You should be able to assess situations and take appropriate decisions within short timeframes.
  • 3. Language skills: You should be fluent in English and knowledge of a second language can be an added advantage.
  • 4. Interpersonal skills: Strong communication skills help you manage drivers, customers, and vendors efficiently.

What are the career options after completing truck dispatch certification?

Truck Dispatch Certification helps you explore career opportunities in the trucking industry. You can seek jobs with reputed trucking companies or start your own business as a new trucking company.

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