Save Time and Cost With Quick and Hassle-Free Cross Border Checks

Reduce Hassle

Reduce random inspections and save time as you gain access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program. Minimize paperwork with improved compliance of Canadian custom regulations and cross the border with ease.

Save Cost

Reduced waiting time at the border, lesser CBP examinations, and decreased paperwork at customs will cut down on operational costs. Certified members also gain access to the FAST program and CBP training seminars. Improved efficiency and streamlining of the process reduces costs considerably.

Build trust

Partnering with Customs Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Customs Border Protection (CBP) increases the reputation and prestige of your business. Lesser inspections, establish you as a low-risk business and a trusted supply chain partner.

What is Supply Chain Certification?

CTPAT, PIP, CSA & FAST certifications protect your international supply chain from regular threats arising from fraud, hijacking, and terrorism. Partnering with the Customs Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Customs Border Protection (CBP), makes your border crossings secure, quick, and cost-effective.

These industry-recognized accreditations establish your organization’s efficiency and credibility. Taking up these voluntary certifications puts you among the esteemed twenty thousand FAST certified partners in Canada and USA. It also helps you improve profitability as you automatically become a member of the Secured and Trusted Supply Chain Network. Besides increasing your profitability, it also gives you a competitive advantage.

How can Truckadium Help You?

Truckadium assists you in getting certified for CTPAT, PIP, CSA & FAST to steer your business on a growth trajectory. Our consultants guide you through the process of application and conduct risk assessments to ensure your organization receives the certification. We help you with annual security checks and deliver training to your employees to keep the organization prepared for validation visits.

Contact our consultants now to take your supply chain business a step ahead.

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