Streamline Customs Processes To Reduce Your Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Monthly trade data reporting and remittance of taxes and duties significantly reduce the operational costs of your trucking business. Pre-approved customs documents help streamline clearances at the border.

Save Time

CSA approved shipments, carriers, and drivers are allowed to enter Canada by showing pre-approved documents and without clearing the load. Quick processing of your shipments through customs improves delivery time. CSA certification is the initial step to get access to the designated FAST lanes at the Canadian border.

Become a Low-risk Carrier

CSA certification identifies your organization as a low-risk and legitimate business. CBSA issues the certification only for approved commercial goods after assessment of your business processes on various parameters such as risk and internal controls.

What is CSA Certification?

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has designed the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program to pre- approve custom clearance of low-risk imports into Canada from U.S. and Mexico. This partnership program is useful for hassle-free import of high volume shipments of CSA eligible goods. Supply chain organizations, carriers, and even drivers can apply for CSA registrations. A CSA approved driver can show his photo identification to get customs clearance for low-risk shipments. The pre-approved paperwork saves your time and money at the customs booth. CSA registration also aids in acquiring the FAST approval for your supply chain business. The expedited customs clearance at the Canadian border reduces your cost of doing business and increases profitability.

Truckadium assists you in getting certified for CSA in the following manner:

  • Consultation to help your organization meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Assist with the CSA application process.
  • Conduct a risk assessment of your organization and ensure all reports and financial statements are in order.
  • Help in updating the books of accounts, transactional records, and internal controls of your business.
Contact us now to get a CSA certification for your organization and smoothen your business processes.

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