Why Corporate Training Solutions are Essential?

Proper structured new hire orientation and training for a new employee goes a long way in shortening the learning curve, increase employee productivity, lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction. Unfortunately majority of the organizations do not have any structured training program to help their employees on their onboarding journey. Most of the new hires learn on the job by shadowing with different employees in the organization and sometimes feel lost in the first few weeks. This can lead to lot of confusion, longer learning curve, demotivation and employee leaving within first few months of joining. Without formal in class training organizations might not the get the best out of their employees. This also means long term higher cost

Our Corporate Training Solutions

We work closely with transportation companies to design and develop training program for the employees. We provide on site training as well as training at our facility to all new hires. One of the key part of the training is giving trucking industry detailed orientation in a very structured way. Whether you are hiring a truck dispatcher, logistics coordinator, sales and customer service profile or a software developer, understanding the trucking industry is important before they can get started on their new role. You cannot delight your customers or build a great software till you do not have domain knowledge or understand the pain points of your customers. Our training will put them on the right path

What We Can Cover
  • Sales and customer service skills
  • Working in a tele-calling environment
  • Step up training for first time managers in a company to help them better manage their teams
  • Tailored mindset training for mid to senior management roles
  • In-depth trucking industry training and orientation for new hires
  • Post-training feedback
  • Tailored solutions as per your company requirements

Other Training Solutions

Are you looking for any specific training for your company?

Reach out to us for specialized training requirements. Our experts assist you with detailed training need analysis for your organization. They use their industry expertise to identify the scope of improving employee performance and suggest custom training modules for groups and individuals. We can also connect you with the right training partner while taking care of all the hassle involved. We discuss your requirements and facilitate the right training for your organization through our training partners.

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