Importance of Technology in the Trucking Industry

Author: Truckadium
Date: Dec 27, 2022

Technology has impacted almost all industries and individuals across the globe. It has simplified and improved a lot of business processes by helping us perform them precisely and accurately. Technology has made it easier for us to conduct business and reach out to our prospects.

The trucking industry has been relatively late in adopting technology-based tools. The digital transformation of trucking, transportation, and logistics companies is limited to big players in the industry. Websites, mobile applications, custom softwares, and other automation tools are used only by few established companies with large fleets of trucks or big 3PL companies. At Truckadium, we emphasize the importance of adopting technology and digital tools for businesses big or small. We assist you with the best and most advanced tools to drive your business on the road to growth.

Technology Trends in Trucking

In recent years there has been a lot of innovation in the trucking industry. The latest technology trends in the industry include BlockChain, Electric & Autonomous Trucks, Platooning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data & IoT (Internet of Things). Digital tools based on these trends help improve the efficiency of the business processes and maximize profitability. The most popular trucking management technologies include:

1. Electric & Autonomous Trucks: Shortage of drivers in the industry has led the path to building innovative Automated trucks that run on electricity. These revolutionary trucks are equipped with radars, cameras, sensors, GPS devices, 3D mapping, and laser detection to enable them to drive themselves. They come with options for driver assistance and driving automation ranging from partial to full. Although, the efficiency and feasibility of Autonomous Trucks is a topic of ongoing debate. Industry experts believe these may not be able to completely replace truck drivers but might change their roles. The driver may work as a technical operator handling other related tasks while the truck drives itself. He will monitor and takeover the truck in case of a technical glitch.

2. Web Solutions: Building a website for your trucking company is as important as adding trucks to your fleet. Your prospects are looking for carriers on the internet and even if they know about you, they will verify your credibility online before dealing with you. Building a website and an online reputation ensures you are discoverable by the shippers and stay in the competition against other trucking companies. Your website should be optimized and responsive so that it is accessible through mobile devices too.

3. SaaS: To effortlessly run your trucking company you can automate plenty of tasks and manage them remotely. There are plenty of softwares that can solve everyday issues and you can even opt for customized softwares and applications to address specific challenges. SaaS solutions help in real-time tracking, dynamic route planning, and easy fleet management.

4. Trucking Mobile Apps: The dynamic challenges of the trucking industry call for easy to use, robust mobile applications that work beyond Google Maps. There are many apps in the market that provide details specific to trucking such as best routes, weather predictions, gas prices, etc. You can also get a multi-functional customized mobile application for your own company. It helps you to interact with drivers, customers, and other stakeholders comfortably while managing your business through a single dashboard.

5. Cloud-based Freight Matching: Effective freight matching helps increase productivity by saving fuel and time. Automated freight matching software enables carriers to connect with freight brokers/shippers and reduce empty miles. It makes your business more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Benefits of Adopting Technology for Trucking Companies

Irrespective of their size, all trucking companies should consider automating processes and adopting technology-based tools. Staying updated with technological advancements opens up more opportunities for carriers and shippers. The main benefits of using technology to strengthen the operations of your trucking company are:

  • 1. Enhanced productivity owing to less empty miles and reduced fuel wastage.

  • 2. Better customer service with an improved reputation in the industry.

  • 3. Easy freight management with real-time tracking.

  • 4. Data-driven decision making and reduced manual errors.

  • 5. Easy scalability and optimal utilization of resources.

Truckadium For All Your Trucking Technology Needs

Truckadium is a leading provider of trucking solutions related to education, compliance, and technology tools. We offer professional services and business consultation to help you maximize profitability. Our consultation and development team comprises professionals with trucking industry experience. These professionals are aware of the requirements and challenges of the industry, and they suggest the best tools for your business.

There are many digital tools based on advanced technology such as driver scorecards, temperature tracking systems, collision mitigation systems, electronic logging devices, etc. but you might need all of them. We understand your requirements and then suggest the best solutions for your business so you invest in solutions that you can easily use. Though there are few must-have tools for every trucking business such as a well-built website, a tailor-made mobile application, and a custom-built business management software. We assist you with the most advanced versions of these technology solutions, which include the following:

1. Website Design & Development: We build robust and mobile responsive websites to help you reach out to your target audience and establish the credibility of your trucking company. Our websites are developed and designed by professional developers. They are platform agnostic, high performance and offer great loading speed unlike those built using drag and drop website builders.

2. Custom Software Development: We develop customized software to help you automate your everyday operations and manage your trucking business easily. These tools help you monitor and track your shipments in real-time.

3. Mobile App Development: We build functional and feature-rich mobile applications to help you streamline communication and business processes. These applications ease the communication between your company and its stakeholders even on the go.

4. Digital Marketing: We devise a marketing strategy to help you create awareness about your business and reach out to prospects. We implement SEO, SEM, SMM, and PPC techniques to increase traffic on your website to generate more leads and boost your business.

Our cost-effective technology solutions can help you with better resource management to enhance efficiency. Using these tools makes your business operations organized and streamlined, thus improving the experience your drivers, shippers, and other stakeholders have with your company. Your business becomes easily discoverable on the internet, which drives inbound leads to your business. Using digital tools also allows you to handle more tasks simultaneously.


Using advanced technology gives your transportation and logistics business a competitive edge over others in the industry. There are a variety of tools you can use to ensure optimal utilization of your resources while increasing safety and cost-efficiency. Maximize your profits and become a contributor to the growth of the trucking industry by adopting innovative digital solutions.

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